How to put a rollator walker into the car trunk?

My mother uses a rollator walker but she struggles getting it into and out of her trunk.

Do you have any recommendations to make this easier?

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Elderly who need a rollator walker often have decreased strength and endurance. So lifting a walker into and out of a car can be a challenge.

The first thing to think about is the weight of the rollator walker. If you haven't purchased one yet or can afford to upgrade, consider a lightweight version.

When considering purchase, I always recommend that seniors try out the walker but also try lifting it into and out of their car. Different versions fold differently (in the middle, front to back).

A few rollator walkers come with a latch to hold the walker together once folded but many do not.

Most regular walkers are between 16 - 19 lbs. Rollator walkers for heavier people are usually 20 - 22 lbs. Lightweight versions can be as light as 13 - 15 lbs.

Recap of options to consider when buying a rollator walker

When considering all aspects of a rollator walker, including folding it up and putting into or out of a trunk, consider:
  • the weight; having a lightweight walker can make it easier to get into and out of the vehicle.
  • how it folds (in the middle, front to back); does this make it easier to get into your particular vehicle?
  • are parts removable (ie. basket) to make it more compact?
  • does it have a latch to hold it together once it is folded?

If you already have a walker, tips for getting it into your car...
  • if there is no latch to hold it together when folded, consider making a holder. Velcro closures can work great for this. It is much easier to lift a rollator walker that stays together once folded than one that flops apart and may put you off balance.
  • consider other areas of the car for storage; sometimes seniors find that lifting a walker into and out of their backseat is easier than the trunk.
  • if you're lifting it into the backseat, you can often leave it almost upright (though folded) if you move the front seat forward.
  • open the door or trunk as wide as possible
  • once you have found a way to keep your walker securely together once folded, bend with your knees, hold onto the bottom part of the walker (do not grab one of the closer upper bars), lift with your knees (not your back) and move the walker into the car.
  • I've seen some seniors use a blandet to help slide the walker into a trunk. This works ok but not great.

Soft Material Folder

There are a few companies that sell a different type of lift-assist. It involves attaching a durable material to the back of the trunk that folds out from there. You place the wheelchair (likely could be used for a walker) into the material and fold it up. Then you use built in handles on the material to lift the wheelchair (or walker) into the trunk.

I have never used one but have seen them on the internet (though you have to search quite hard).

Another option is considering a lift to help get the walker into and out of the vehicle.

The drawbacks is lifts are very expensive and, though there are many options for lifts for wheelchairs or scooters, there are no lifts specifically for walkers (please share if I'm wrong!). So the lifts or attachment system would have to be altered for the walker.

Lifts for vehicles vary in price but may be $1200+ for an installed version. If you decide to look into this, use a certified dealer and check the weight capacity of the lift (it should be good for a walker as they are usually meant for wheelchairs or scooters).

Vehicle Set-Up
Seniors often find it easier to lift walkers into and out of hatchbacks that are low to the ground. There is more room and they don't have to lift the walker as high.

I have worked with the elderly for many years and have practiced this movement with them many times. It is certainly a tough situation that has no easy answer.

If any other readers have any tips or tricks that you use to make lifting a walker into and out of the car or trunk, please share below.

Thank you,

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Need innovation NEW
by: Sherry Blair

I am so glad I can still drive around. I cannot, however, walk around. I love my rollator. With that, I can walk around fast. This problem that senior like me face with not being able to get their rollators into their car trunks by themselves is a huge problem. Without some means of doing that, we have to become dependent on others to take us places instead of driving ourselves. I can only hope that some entrapeneur will develop an affordable devise to help us.

Infants in cars 10 years, seniors with walkers 30 years NEW
by: Anonymous

I have tried several into my Toyota but the space between the back seat and the front back is too narrow and the seats too high. The wheels of the folding walker rotator too large and turning sideways making it very hard to put in and out and so making shopping such a dilemma because of it. I am nearly ninety and absolutely need my car to get everything, food, appointements and this is too hard. All the gadgets of the car are for transporting infants, but nothing for transporting old age people. It is more frequent now to carry on past 90. I can still work and my parents did too.

It's a great blog post NEW
by: Anonymous

You will have it if it belongs to you

Folding up a walker NEW
by: Phyllis

I too have trouble getting my rollator walker into the back seat of my car. Rather it be in a standing position or sliding it onto the back seat of the car. It hurts my back. I have tried using a bungee cord to tie the wheels together. However you have to bend over to do this. My hasn't someone did a hook and a metal button on the wheels to hook them together? Even a rubber band to hook on that knob or sorts.LEts get some women to think of this situation. I need help

Walker NEW
by: Anonymous

Getting walker in and out of trunk is killing my back,i stayed in bed all day after taking my mother out day before,i can't do this,I'm injuring my own back

Rubber ramp tp roll wheelchairs etc into SUV backs NEW
by: Anonymous

The back of my SUV is a flat storage space. How can I roll my Rollator up and into this space? I saw a foldable ramp on TV but was not quick enough to get details. The ramp on TV folds up to fit in the back and you can open it to strech it from the open storage space to the ground. Any info would be appreciated! It seemed to be be made of abrazi a rubber material.

Thanks for NEW
by: Anonymous I found a lot of useful information to share with friends, thanks for the post

Rollator lift NEW
by: Anonymous

My 95 year old father has a hard time getting his rollator walker in and out of his pickup. I'm heading over to weld a lift up for him. Just thought it would be easier to buy one already built.

Can a walker fit in the trunk of a Ford Fusion NEW
by: SS

I'm looking at getting a Ford Fusion.
My question is can a walker fit in the opening of the trunk?
I can see the time I will have to have Hubby get a walker
The one with a seat.
I now have a Chevy Malibu & could not get my mothers walker into the opening of the trunk.
Any help or advice is appreciated.
Thank you.

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Car trunk NEW
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Steady Rollator Carrier has saved my back! NEW
by: Anonymous

I don't have to lift my rollator into my backseat anymore. I just tilt my rollator and it practically loads itself onto my new Steady Rollator Carrier.

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Rollator Carrier NEW
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I love my Steady rollator carrier. I don't have to lift my rollator into the backseat or trunk anymore. It makes traveling so much easier.

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Car Trunk NEW
by: Anonymous

My grandmother uses rollator walker and when ever she wants to go outside, we call the cab and then she move with her walker as we have a small car. I like your suggestion of buying a folding and light weight walker. It will make our life easier when we go out together. If you are confused at scam then you must take advice from your seniors.

health NEW
by: Kevin

You should definitely consider buying a lightweight rollator walker, one that your mother can fold it and put it into and out of her car trunk. If she has back pain, instead of lifting heavy things, she should see a doctor as soon as possible. A few therapy sessions will benefit her health on long term.

Reply NEW
by: Dayne

In this blog it is clearly shared the method to put the rollator walker into the car trunk. Actually it is a little bit hard to do it. But I have gotten the method to make it easier from this blog. It will be more helpful to my mom. Thanks a lot!

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Steady rollator carrier NEW
by: Anonymous

A carrier for rollators has been invented by Sherry Steady.
Just look up "Steady Rollator Carrier" to see a demonstration.

Bike Rack on Car to carry NEW
by: Anonymous

I'm trying to figure out how to utilize a rear of the car single bike rack to accomodate a transport walker rollator. I know it can be done. If anyone out there finds the best product for this purpose, let me know. Testing it out before buying is the hard part.

More resources
by: Anne

Great discussion on rollators. I found a visual guide by All Time Medical that explains what to look for in a rollator when shopping for one and it includes elaboration on the parts of it.

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