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There are a wide variety of lifts for elderly available that can improve the quality of life of your elderly parents and their caregivers.

Stair lifts can allow elderly to stay in a multi level home longer as they can access the other rooms with it.

Scooter carriers allow them to bring their mobility scooter with them to the mall, downtown or any community location.

Personal elevators can also be worthwhile as it can allow elderly to move between levels of their home using a walker or wheelchair. It can also be used to move heavier items such as groceries or laundry.

Bathtub lifts are excellent for elderly who enjoy a bath but have difficulty getting up/down to the bottom of the tub.

Read more below to determine which lifts can help your elderly parents.

Chair Lift for Stairs


Chair lift for stairs can allow elderly to remain in their own home for longer as it allows them to safely access other levels of their home after they are unable to safely use stairs.

Many elderly have difficultly with stairs due to decreased strength, balance, breathing and heart issues.

Many homes have more than one level and elderly need to access that area for their bedroom, laundry or family room.

Chair lift for stairs are a great solution for some homes - they can even be used on curved stairways.

For more information: Chair Lift for Stairs

Wheelchair Stair Lift


Wheelchair stairs lifts are similar to chair lift for stairs except it has a platform for a wheelchair.

If you're elderly parent uses a wheelchair and lives in a multi level home, this can allow them to access the other levels safely.

Some wheelchair stair lifts have a fold down seat to allow them to be used by either an elderly using a wheelchair or without.

For more information: Wheelchair Stair Lift

Personal Elevators


Personal elevators are another great option for elderly who live in homes with multi levels.

Some houses are designed so that an elevator could be added later on - if needed. They accomplish this by putting closets or other small rooms on top of each other (same location but different floors).

The benefit of an elevator is they can be used by elderly in wheelchairs, using walkers, carrying groceries, the aging family dog and many other items needed to be move between floors.

For more information: Personal Elevators

Wheelchair Platform Lift (Porch Lift)


Wheelchair platform lifts are also called porch lifts or vertical platform lifts.

They are commonly used outdoors to allow elderly to access the entrance.

They are an excellent alternative to ramps - and in some situations are more affordable than building a ramp.

For more information: Wheelchair Platform Lift

Ceiling Lift


A ceiling lift allows elderly to transfer between different places (such as a hospital adjustable bed, wheelchair or commode) by being lifted up in a sling, moved horizontally and then lowered onto the chair, etc.

They are designed for elderly who cannot transfer themselves - due to health issues such as decreased strength, balance or neurological conditions.

They can be installed into the ceiling of the home or there are 2 post lift designs that are more portable and great for short term use.

For more information: Ceiling Lift

Hoyer Lift (Portable)


A portable lift (also called hoyer lift) lifts elderly up from one place and lowered into another - such as between bed and wheelchair.

As you can see in the photo, they are on wheels and can be moved easily on hard flooring (such as wood, tile, etc).

The lift feature can be either manual (hydraulic pump) or battery powered.

For more information: Hoyer Lift

Pool Lift


Pool lifts can enable elderly to safely access pools, which is a great activity for seniors.

Pools allow for safe exercise for elderly with arthritis, back pain and many other health issues.

Accessing a pool by a ladder may be too difficult for some elderly.

For more information: Pool Lift

Dumb Waiter


A dumb waiter can help elderly move items (groceries, laundry, meals, etc) between levels of their home.

This is great for elderly who live in a multi level home and have difficulty with stairs. They can send items to the other floors using a dumb waiter.

I think they are a great idea for people of all ages to move items between floors, especially heavy groceries and laundry.

For more information: Dumb Waiter

Bathtub Lifts


A bathtub lift is an excellent product that allows elderly to bathe safely.

They are usually battery powered and lower/raise the senior to the bottom of the tub and back up again.

They are portable so they can be easily removed for other users as well as taken to other bathtubs for convenience or if they move.

For more information: Bathtub Lifts

Recliner Lift Chair


A recliner lift chair helps elderly get into and out of a living room chair.

They have one or two electric motors that power a lifting feature (making the chair almost stand up), back recline and raising/lowering the leg rests.

Higher end lift chairs have dual motors (one controls the back and the other the leg rests), built in storage, swing out trays and heat/massage.

For more information: Recliner Lift Chair

Wheelchair Lifts for Vans


Wheelchair lifts for vans are great for elderly who use a wheelchair and want to access places in their community on a regular basis.

Although most communities have a pubic transportation system for individuals who use wheelchairs, they have their drawbacks such as scheduling 24 hours in advance and user fees.

I know of several families that have purchased a van with a wheelchair lift and use it for regular errands as well as to take their elderly parents to doctor's appointments, shopping and visiting friends/family.

For more information: Wheelchair Lifts for Vans

Scooter Carrier


A scooter carrier is designed for elderly who want to bring a scooter and either drive themselves, their spouse drives or their family/friend.

As you can see in the photo, they attach to the hitch and are carried behind the vehicle.

I know some elderly that use a scooter carrier to bring their scooter to go on nature walks with their friends/family at a local park.

For more information: Scooter Carrier


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