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Share Your Story is a website dedicated to the many aspects of caring for elderly parents.

The articles are written by two health care professionals (Kevin and Tennille) and we include our stories and experiences from working in elder care as well as our encounters with our own aging families.

Now it's your turn, we would really like to hear from you! After all, the true voice behind this website comes from the families of aging parents.

We would love to hear about both good and bad experiences, your most interesting story, your hardest story, what's worked the best for you, what knowledge you've gained through this process... anything about caring for elderly parents that you'd like to share or you think others in the same situation would appreciate reading about.

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Tips for writing a good story:

  • Introduce yourself and your parents.
  • Include your most important information in the first paragraph or two (web readers often scan).
  • Finish by sharing a few things that worked or didn't work.

What's Your Story About Caring for Elderly Parents?

Have a story about the joys and frustrations or caring for elderly parents?

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Other visitors can relate to your stories and can offer respectful words of encouragement and advice - or offer support back to you.

You can also read stories posted by other visitors and add your comments and encouragement to theirs as well.

What a great way to learn and socialize with a community of people caring for their elderly loved ones.

What Other Visitors Have Said

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This really has been a bad year for Influenza. We lost my Father on December the 20th, 2012, to infection from Pneumonia. He had a really hard time with …

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My name is Cynthia and I am the youngest of three daughters. I currently live with, and care for my aging parents; my Mother who is 84 and my elderly Father …

Severe Dehydration in the Elderly 
My mother just passed away. I feel like it was because of dehydration in the elderly but doctors were saying she had a stroke and her symptoms were unexplainable. …

My Story about Taking Care of Aging Parents 
Today: Dad passed away one year ago due to complications with congestive heart failure in the elderly and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Mom …

Jean's Journey - Dealing with Elderly Diseases 
Both Tom and Jean suffered from elderly diseases. When her husband, Tom, died in 1998 of lung cancer, Jean was 77 years old. She was fiercely independent. …

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