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Elderly Health Problems

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There is a lot to consider when it comes to elderly health problems and deciding where to start can be perplexing.

As an adult child or family member of an aging parent you have a vested interest in making the right decisions for your loved one. I understand that.

Working with seniors and their families has opened my eyes to the variety of questions that might arise regarding health care for the elderly.

Understanding elderly health problems can be overwhelming but I've tried to narrow it down to the essentials.

It's important to learn about your loved one's health conditions so they can be as healthy and as independent as possible.

You should be able to get a good grasp of the subject by reading the following articles.

Health Problems

Constipation in the Elderly

Constipation is a common issue for seniors. It's important to know the causes and what seniors can do to prevent it.

Read more about: Constipation in the Elderly.

Dehydration in the Elderly

Dehydration can lead to serious elderly health problems for seniors. It's important to understand what causes dehydration, what the symptoms are and some strategies for preventing it.

Read more about: Dehydration in the Elderly

Elderly Foot Care

Regular foot care is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Learn about proper foot care techniques, tips for foot friendly shoes and general foot care advice.

Read more about: Elderly Foot Care

Elderly Insomnia

Sleeping issues are common among the elderly. Learn about causes, pharmacological and non pharmacological treatments.

Read more about: Elderly Insomnia

Elderly Substance Abuse

Unfortunately substance abuse is an issue with some elderly. Learn what to look for and what you can do to help.

Read more about: Elderly Substance Abuse

Pneumonia Elderly

Pneumonia is fairly common among the elderly. Learn the symptoms, risk factors and ways to decrease the risk.

Read more about: Pneumonia Elderly

Sleep and the Elderly

Elderly often have trouble sleeping through the night. Find out why sleep is important and learn some strategies for sleeping well.

Read more about: Sleep and the Elderly


Elderly Nutrition

It's a good idea to learn about nutrition specific for seniors. Learn some tips and even low fat snack suggestions!

Read more about: Elderly Nutrition

Elderly Nutrition - Healthy Eating Tips

Eating healthy is something everyone should do - both young and old. Learn about healthy eating tips specifically for seniors.

Read more about: Elderly Nutrition - Healthy Eating Tips

Elderly Nutrition - Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrition is essential to healthy living for seniors - and can prevent elderly health problems. Learn about vitamins and minerals that are important for seniors.

Read more about: Elderly Nutrition - Vitamins and Minerals

Other Elderly Health Topics

Sex and the Elderly

Sex is an important part of a healthy lifestyle - for both young and old. Learn about developing healthy relationships, health and sexuality and treatment options.

Read more about: Sex and the Elderly

Elderly Medication

Medications are a daily routine for many seniors. Learn about side effects, ways to organize medications, what to look out for and the importance of a regular medication review.

Read more about: Elderly Medication

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