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Care giver salary

What is the norm regarding salary for live in caregivers when considering rent; pay them their salary as per location standard and have them pay me rent

Continue reading "Care giver salary"

How long do walkers last?

How long do walkers typically last? Or how often should they be replaced if used consistently?

Continue reading "How long do walkers last?"

Looking for a lift in stairwell for groceries, laundry, garbage, etc

I am looking for a lift to attach to internal stairwell... to take groceries, books, a shopping bag, any item... from the 1st floor to the 2nd floor...

Continue reading "Looking for a lift in stairwell for groceries, laundry, garbage, etc"

Seeking good tutorial for sewing washable waterproof incontinent bed pads

I haven't sewn for about 50 years and my sewing skills are beginner at best. I am in need of more absorbent washable waterproof bed pads for my daughter

Continue reading "Seeking good tutorial for sewing washable waterproof incontinent bed pads"

Income for family caring for their elderly parents?

I have my father living with me. He is 92 years old and recently has had a couple of falls at home. He has also started leaving taps running and lights

Continue reading "Income for family caring for their elderly parents?"

Easy way to bath feet for elderly?

My dad has been advised to bathe his feet in iced water using a foot spa. He has a foot spa but finds it awkward to empty and fill and so hasn't been

Continue reading "Easy way to bath feet for elderly?"

Questions re: osteoarthritis

Is osteoarthritis curable? Or is there any option or medication that really work for pain (both knees)? What to do if primary doctor keep sending patient

Continue reading "Questions re: osteoarthritis"

Shoe recommendations for elderly women

My mother, nearly 91, needs new shoes. Her feet pronate, with the left one being the more serious. Is there any particular type of shoe that is recommended

Continue reading "Shoe recommendations for elderly women"

Walkers - getting them in and out of vehicles

My mom is 86 years old. She has a walker that weighs 20 pounds, my dad has a three wheel walker that weights about 15 pounds. My mom drives an SUV

Continue reading "Walkers - getting them in and out of vehicles"

Looking for a Bath chair with armrests

Hello: I'm searching for a STABLE, STURDY, TRANSFER-INTO-BATHTUB CHAIR WHICH HAS CHAIR ARMS ON BOTH SIDES. The elder in question requires two-armed seating

Continue reading "Looking for a Bath chair with armrests"


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