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Elderly Safety

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Elderly safety is an important part of taking care of your elderly parents - making sure they are safe and secure in their own home.

We all want our parents to be safe and part of that is being prepared, being proactive and keeping an eye on how they are doing.

With aging comes a variety of issues that can affect their safety.

Older adults can be affected by decreased vision, hearing, smell, cognition and mobility.

That's why elderly safety is so important. These changes happen gradually so seniors may not realize that they have significant issues that can affect their safety.

You can help make your loved one's safer by reading these articles and following their recommendations.

Elderly Fire Safety

elderly safety

Fire safety is important for everyone but even more so for the elderly. They may have a difficult time escaping from a fire due to decreased physical ability, cognition and side effects of medications.

Making sure your elderly parents are doing what they can to prevent a fire and being prepared for the unfortunate situation of experiencing a fire could help save their life.

This article on Elderly Fire Safety covers: why fire safety is important, common sources of fire hazards, fire safety tips, safe smoking tips and what to do in the event of a fire.

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Home Safety for Elderly

elderly safety

Many seniors have some health issues such as decreased vision, memory, balance and strength that put them at risk of falls and other injuries.

Taking the time to check their homes for safety hazards can prevent falls and make everyones lives easier (and hopefully less stressful).

This article on Home Safety for Elderly covers how to assess their home for safety hazards including: mobility, kitchen, fire, bathroom, medication, communication, wandering and memory.

For More Information: Home Safety for Elderly

Fall Prevention in the Elderly

elderly safety

Preventing falls is an excellent way to improve the quality of life of your elderly parents.

No one wants to fall but many elderly are at high risk of falling due to decreased balance, vision, concentration, medication side effects and more.

This article on Fall Prevention in the Elderly covers: hazards in and around the home, outdoor hazards, decreased balance, decreased strength, lighting, foot problems, difficulty concentrating and more.

For More Information: Fall Prevention in the Elderly

Abuse of the Elderly

Hopefully none of you have to deal with elderly abuse but it does happen and we should do all we can to prevent it.

It can occur at home, in the community and even in nursing homes. Elderly can suffer abuse not only from strangers but their own family and friends.

This article on Abuse of the Elderly covers: types of abuse, signs of abuse, risk factors, prevention and reporting abuse.

For More Information: Abuse of the Elderly

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