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Elderly Care Products

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Elderly care products can be invaluable to those caring for elderly parents.

They can make you (and your loved one) safer and improve the quality of their lives.

Is your elderly parent having difficult getting up and down their stairs but do not want to move to a new home? A chair lift for stairs is a great solution.

Maybe they are living alone and are at risk of falls. An elderly medical alert provides a way to contact you in case of an emergency as well as give you both peace mind.

Or perhaps they are having difficult using their phone as they cannot hear as well as they used to. An amplified phone allows elderly to adjust the volume to their needs.

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Mobility Products

Recliner Lift Chair

elderly care products

Some elderly individuals have difficulty getting into and out of a chair. Recliner lift chairs are excellent elderly care products that make it easy to get into and out of the chair.

They stand the individual up and assist them in sitting down.

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Motorized Wheelchair

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Some seniors have difficulty walking due to pain, decreased strength, endurance and balance. Motorized wheel chairs can improve their quality of life and return to doing activities they enjoy.

They can go out and meet friends again without having to worry about their pain or risk of falling or that they will not be able to keep up.

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Scooters for Elderly

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Some elderly have decreased endurance or pain that limits the amount they can walk.

Scooters for elderly are excellent products that allow seniors to travel in the community safer and easier.

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Shoes for Elderly Women

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Shoes for elderly women are specifically designed for their needs. They provide more support, have non slip soles and are comfortable.

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Alarm and Communication Products

Elderly Medical Alert

elderly care products

Elderly, especially those living at home alone, can make their lives safer and provide peace of mind to loved ones by wearing an elderly medical alert. These devices allow the user to push a button for help when they are home alone and cannot get to the phone.

I have personally had clients use these devices to call for help. I have also had clients who didn't have such a device and spent hours on the floor.

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Senior Alarm

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A senior alarm can make it safer for seniors in their home, outside their home and for individuals with dementia.

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Phones for Elderly

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Phones for elderly are specifically designed for seniors needs. They can have larger buttons and be amplified for those who are hard of hearing.

These elderly care products make life easier for seniors.

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Home Modifications

Walk In Tub

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A walk in tub allows seniors a safe and easy way to enjoy bathing. Bathing can be a risky activity for seniors with mobility issues such as decreased balance, strength and endurance.

There are instances where seniors have even become stuck at the bottom of the tub. A walk in tub provides a safe method of bathing.

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Chair Lift for Stairs

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Many seniors want to live in their existing home for as long as they can. One of the most common complaints is regarding the difficulty they have with going up/down their stairs.

Chair lift for stairs are excellent options for those that need to go up/down stairs safely.

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Gift Ideas:

Gifts for the Elderly

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Seniors can be difficult to buy gifts for so we created a page with excellent suggestions for birthdays, christmas and any other gift giving occasion.

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Birthday Gifts for Elderly

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Choosing birthday gifts for elderly can be difficult. Flowers? Chocolates? Books?

There are better gifts that are both functional and sentimental - including elderly care products.

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Bedroom Products

Hospital Adjustable Bed

elderly care products

A hospital adjustable bed can make it safer and easier for seniors to get in and out of bed.

It also allows them to be more comfortable in bed as the user can raise/lower the head, foot and bed height.

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