Any funding to help pay for transportation related to medical needs?

Are there any Govt. funded or charitable options to help pay for my elderly father to return to Perth from Melbourne ?

My father was visiting Melbourne and had an accident, that has had many repercussions.

Doctors have advised he cannot fly home.

I have looked into train option, as Dad requires oxygen 24/7 now and if cleared by Doctors can travel (accompanied) by train, although it is a long and uncomfortable trip via Adelaide.

There are only seating options from Melbourne to Adelaide and Dad cannot sit in chair for longer than about 2 hours.

My sister and I have also looked into road transportation options with medical personnel.

Costs quoted at $23,000 or more cannot be met in the immediate future.

Dad's care options in hospital are running out, as in 2 weeks he will be transferred from Rehabilitation to Maintenance Care, which is only short term.

His respiratory condition can only worsen, all potential treatments have been ruled out.

Dad wants to return home to Perth to go into a nursing home.

If we cannot get him back to Perth, he will have to move to a facility in Melbourne permanently.

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