Bathroom grab bars without screws?

by Janet
(Bloomington. In, 47403)

I don't like the suction bathroom grab bars - they fall off. I want a grab bar that does not have screws that will damage the tub.

Any suggestions or products?

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Thanks for the question, Janet. I agree that suction cup bathroom grab bars are not the safest bathroom product for the elderly.

Though my best recommendation regarding bathroom grab bars for improving elderly safety in the bathroom is permanently installed grab bars (with screws), there is one other option that might work for you:
  • Clamp-on bathtub safety bar (to see a picture refer to Bathroom Grab Bars and take a look at the picture beside "clamp-on bathtub safety bar".)

The clamp-on bathtub safety bars have many benefits:
  • They are not permanently installed.
  • They secure tightly onto the bathtub side.
  • They do not damage the bathtub.
  • They are easy to put on and take off (in case of travel). Be sure to be careful to tighten them properly, though.
  • They come in height adjustable versions.

Their drawbacks include:
  • They don't work in showers.
  • They only provide one stable surface to hold onto. Two stable surfaces are the best for preventing falls.
  • They can be slightly too low for some seniors, causing them to stoop when getting into and out of the bathtub.
  • They do not work well with shower board, shower bench or bathtub lifts as the extra room is needed to lift legs up and over the side of the tub in sitting.

Bathroom grab bars are a great way to improve bathroom safety. They provide a stable surface to hold onto when stepping into and out of the bathtub or shower.

Even the permanently installed types often look quite nice and can be a selling feature in a senior complex.

If possible, having a medical supplier properly install permanent grab bars is beneficial. They know what they are doing and will ensure that no water seeps behind the wall. The bathroom is the last place you don't want a proper seal!

The only time I recommend suction cup bathroom grab bars is if there is no other option. I have heard of some seniors that actually had a fall because they put weight through the suction cup bathroom grab bar, it gave out and - crash - they had a fall.

I have found that both the clamp-on bathtub safety bars and permanently installed bathroom grab bars work wonders for fall prevention in the elderly.

Thanks for your question,

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by: Anonymous

Thanks for the info, really needed it

nie wieder bohren- no drill bars
by: Anonymous

No Drill bars are nie wieder bohren. These bars are available in North America. Note, when in the Sudbury Mines in 1968, they used epoxy to holds bolts in the mine wall, to support a crusher station. In plain languages, glues have moved forward with the space age

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