Caregiver for 89 year old - only one bowel movement a week?

by Gayle Ventures


I am caring for an 89yr old female, who has had in the past some surgery related to Her intestine... we think she had a hysterectemy that went wrong somewhere and she ended up having some bowel or intestine repair surgery.

She is only having a bowel movement once a week at best <-i am the new caregiver... the old caregiver has been with her five years - thinks this is fine.

Says she is not eating much because she is preparing to pass over... I think She is eating fine... when I am with her... but no bowel movement in six days... and I know I have been feeding grapes, strawberries, and prunes... and Yogurt and oat cereals... she is 97lbs... and gaining a bit now... but only eats maybe... a pound to a pound and a half in total food per day.

I am highly concerned - especially as she always has to give a laxative and a stool softener - and even then it can be another 24 hours before anything happens.

She is on risperidone and aricept... and has an antihistamine for a post nasal drip.

Can you tell if this is okay? Or should we be trying to improve her diet with fresh fruit and prunes... and have as a goal a bowel movement at least twice a week or once every three days?

I tried to talk to her doctor but i was brushed off and told to do what the old caregiver directed.


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