Caring for both parents at home

by Louis
(Bayamon, PR)

I'm sharing responsibilities with my sister as we care for our elderly parents. Dad (79) has Alzheimer's and mom (83) has high blood pressure and just had a heart attack.

I've tried to move them with me where they would have higher quality health care, and services and a live in Advanced Practicing Nurse (life partner) who adores them.

My mother doesn't want to hear it as she is still mobile and very independent and enjoys the outdoors as they live in the tropics. Mom does not get the fact dad is forgetful and losses her patience with him even after attending meetings where counselors have suggested ways to deal with stress.

The heart attack mom had was long coming as she likes to run everything. This is very frustrating and so stressful and on top of it emotionally demanding. I know I'm doing the right thing by being there for them and I pray for the strength to go on.

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