Concerned citizen

by Betty
(Las Vegas, NV)

I visited an elderly man's home and was appalled at the condition.

#1-There is a leak in the roof that drips over the kitchen sink, a matter of a few inches from the light fixture there. This is a major fire hazard.

#2-He gave me some candy in a tin can, I took one bite, it didn't taste right. I didn't say anything, just put the container in my purse. I looked at it when I got home and found it had expired over two years ago. He wanted to give me more food from his cupboard and refrigerator but I didn't accept it. I am very concerned that he is consuming spoiled, rotten, and expired food.

#3-The paramedics would not be able to get a stretcher in or out of the place, it is so full of stuff.

#4-The level of cleanliness is not fit for human or animal. I am not exaggerating. He has a fly strip attached to the lamp next to the chair where he sits to watch tv. This is located in Las Vegas, NV. I am sure the windows are never opened. The ac was on when I visited.

I am very disturbed about this issue. It is a very nice gated trailer park, but if that place catches fire many innocent people's lives and homes may be lost.

I looked online but wasn't satisfied with the search results.


The police or the fire department or social services?

I wish to remain anonymous if possible because I do fear he may try to hurt me in retaliation.

He lives alone, smokes, drinks, and even uses methamphetamine. I think he is 75 years old.

Please, tell me how to have something done before the neighbors are in danger also!

Thank you.

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