Concerned Granddaughter

by Jayme

My grandma is 78 and had a double bypass a month ago. Her mobility was somewhat limited before the surgery.

No one discussed with my grandparents the possibility of her needing rehab afterwards. She is in a rehab facility now but has been sent to the hospital for dehydration. She was also dropped when transferring to toilet.

She is not progressing very well as far as her strength and mobility. And is very weak. But surgeon doesn't seem to find anything wrong with her? Any comments or ideas would be helpful!

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by: Kevin

Hi Jayme:

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. That is a tough spot. I would suggest talking to the head nurse or rehab staff to see what they are able to provide. Also, what you and other family could do to help your grandmother progress, ie. extra exercises, practice getting in and out of bed, assisted walking. Maybe they have a convalescent rehab unit that allows for slower stream rehab?

Another idea is to think of meaningful activities that might motivate your grandmother to work hard to return home, ie. visiting with family at her home, gardening.

Before she heads home, the therapist might be able to recommend some equipment to increase safety at home, ie. bed rail, shower chair, etc.

Hope this helps!

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