Does Anyone Have Advice for Getting Elderly into Bed?

by Jessica

My grandmother had a stroke 2 months ago and I've become her primary caregiver.

She spent a lot of time recovering in a rehab location and was able to get in and out of bed on her own pretty easily, even take herself to the bathroom though the staff got mad and we tried to discourage that.

The problem is my aunt took care of buying equipment for her to use at home and replaced her bed. It's one where you can have it raise up the head or the bed.

The problem is it's too high, she can barely get back far enough to sit on the edge of it. Then she ends up trying to lay across the bed and somehow ends up with her feet hanging over the side.

I've read other people's suggestions but the frame is metal so can't adjust that, no wheels, no box spring and there's just a mattress.

I've tried explaining it's just too high to my aunt but her suggestion is to put poles around the bed that her mom can use to pull herself up.

It might help but I don't know if it will or she will just wear herself out. She goes to the bathroom at least once an hour so shes constantly climbing in and out and it's certainly wearing me out trying to help her move.

Is there anything that might be done? A step seems dangerous but I don't know what else to do.

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