Guardianship of an Angry Father

by Christine
(Fond du Lac, WI)

I was granted full guardianship of my father a few months ago, against his wishes, and he is more angry, hateful, critical, and increasingly violent as time passes.

He is also under protective placement, living in an assisted living facility, after growing too unreadable and hostile beyond seven months of living with me, my husband and our four children after he came off of life-support for extreme malnourishment and his home was condemned and destroyed by the city, found to be unfit for human life and contaminated beyond salvation.

He increasingly criticizes others, threatens to harm other residents, and recently physically began pummeling me after I questioned where he was obtaining items (some valuable) he had hidden in his drawers.

He has a history of hoarding and self-destructive behavior, and he fails to recognize authority from the staff, the courts, or me.

How should we handle the things he is taking from the home/other residents?

Should we just take them from his room and give them back to the staff?

Should we question him (this is what lead to his recent physical attack)?

Should we talk to him about taking things that doesn't belong to him?

How should we handle his threats to do physical harm?

His acting out on those threats? Please advise.

I've read a couple of books from the library and all the recant articles I could find online, but I'm still at a loss.

Thank you.

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