Having Mom taken away from Me

My name is William and I watched my mother take care of her parents, my grandparents for there last 25 years.

I always knew that I would be doing the same for her. So I started care giving for her and about 12 years into it my aunt petitioned for a guardian for my mother. Not knowing that this was the beginning of a 5 year and still going fight to have this guardian conservator removed.

After two of my uncles died my aunt decided she alone was going to handle all there inheritance. Making anything my mother said or her wishes even considered in any of the estate that was left for them. After my aunt put half the estate into a mechanics liens in the area of 4 million dollars. No money coming from that, the guardian wants to sell Dorothy's personal property just to pay the outrageous nursing home bills.

This resulted in me moving out of our home and left with nothing. I was a fifth generation on this property. I have sold every thing I ever bought or invested in the last 50 years.

I've hired lawyers to fight my aunts lawyers. So far 300,000 dollars have been spent of my mothers estate and money that hasn't been paid to her yet.

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