Help for Elderly for Grants or Funding for Scooters?

by Jerry
(Saskatoon Canada)

Are there any grants or health coverage for scooters or other mobility products for the elderly in Saskatchewan Canada or Alberta Canada?

It would be great to find some financial help for elderly for this.

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Great question - funding is a major concern for most seniors and it can be quite confusing. Each province/state/country have different programs to provide financial help for elderly.

There are a variety of funding/grant sources for medical equipment available depending on the individual.

1) Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) - Funding may be available if the individual is a veteran. Contact the toll free number on the Veterans ID card to see if they are eligible and the steps you need to take to have them assessed. Typically an Occupational Therapist would assess the individual and then make recommendations to VAC if they would benefit from equipment such as a scooter.

More information at: and 1-866-522-2122 (English)

2) Extended Medical Insurance - Funding may be available through the individual's extended medical insurance. Check the benefits information and/or call the company to see if they are eligible.

3) Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) - Provides assistance to individuals living in Alberta with long term disability to purchase medical equipment and supplies. The individual pays
25% (up to $500/year per family). Low income individuals may not have to pay the 25%. Scooters may not be covered but they may cover power wheelchairs.

More information at or phone 780-427-0731 or 780-643-1631

4) Saskatchewan Aids to Independent Living (SAIL) - Provides funding for individuals living in Saskatchewan with long term disabilities. May not cover scooters but power wheelchairs. Provides funding for mobility and assistive devices, respiratory, prosthetic and orthotic appliances.

More information at:
or phone (306) 787-7121

5) Non Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) - If the individual has treaty status on or off the reserve they may receive funding for their medical equipment and supplies.

For more information:

6) Organizations Associated with Health Conditions - such as Multiple Sclerosis Society, ALS Society and others will sometimes have an equipment loan program. Contact the local branches.

7) Community Organizations - such as Lions Club, Legion and The Eagles may assist with funding. Contact the local club and ask if they would be willing to fund medical equipment.

8) Religious Organizations/Groups - Some religious organizations provide funding (or help with fund-raising) for medical equipment such as scooters, wheelchairs, bathroom safety equipment and others.

If any readers have any other suggestions, please add a comment to let Jerry know.


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