I wanted a gold watch.

by Carol
(Christmas, Florida)

After 27 years of law enforcement, I had grand visions of my retirement party, a presentation of a gold watch, and then retreating to my home, and floating in my pool.


A month before I retired, my energetic 85 year old mother moved herself out of her assisted living facility, and quickly wore out her welcome at a friend's house. That's when the call came. "Can I come stay with you?" "Of course", I replied, "Come on down, Mom." "No, I mean permanently".

Oooohhh wow. As my nephew put it, "Congratulations on your retirement, here's a person."

So Mom moved in. With a box of meds. That apparently make her itchy, or tired, or.... gassy. It's quite the treat.

She's paying us the rent she was paying her friend. The $700 arrangement seems to bother my siblings. My response? Anyone want to take her for $700? Didn't think so. But let me know before I make it all the way to the bank with this windfall.

It's all new. Perhaps I'll learn over time why she insists on using the same glass all day and setting it near the sink window, perhaps we'll figure out why she tells her daily schedule to every single person she calls.

Until then, we'll make the best of it. We've painted her room her favorite blue, set her bathroom up just the way she likes it, and learned to leave 10 minutes early so she can take in all the sights around her as we make our way to the car.

It's not what I planned, but she needs us, and quite frankly, she'd be there for me if I needed it.

Welcome home Mom, I never liked gold watches anyhow.

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