Medication Dispensation Devices

by Rosalee
(Laurel, MT)

I care for my 82 year old Aunt.

She has diabetes and is insulin dependent.

I know there are home devices for administering medication (in the form or pills) on a daily basis.

Is there such a thing for insulin syringes?

I draw up her insulin for 3-4 days at a time and "hide" them throughout her kitchen.

She calls me every morning with her glucose levels and then I let her know where to find her next syringes.

I just worry that she might think she forgot to take her insulin and will look for the syringes I have drawn up already and take a double dose.

I know they have devices that will allow you access to your pills on a timer and once they are taken it won't open and allow you to take more - so are there any for syringes?

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