Physician options for aging parent with multiple health issues...

by Shari


My aging mother lives in a rural community with limited medical resources but has on occasion traveled to the nearest larger city to visit doctors who have (loosely/rarely) addressed her different health concerns... none of which communicate with the other.

Is there a type of medical facility where doctors of many different specialties reside to eliminate having ten different doctors trying to determine a course of action for ten different things?

A type of facility where a patient's medical treatment is a joint effort?

Which to me, makes sense since the body operates as a joint effort of sorts.

Not to mention, traveling for this appointment and that appointment is very difficult for her.

I just don't even know the type of facility to search for on the internet.

Her medical needs are of serious concern but not being handled in a beneficial way in the slightest and as a result is suffering greatly.

Can someone please guide me?

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