Seeking good tutorial for sewing washable waterproof incontinent bed pads

by Sandy
(St. Louis)

I haven't sewn for about 50 years and my sewing skills are beginner at best.

I am in need of more absorbent washable waterproof bed pads for my daughter who stays in bed much of the time and the cost to buy more or pay someone to make them is cost prohibitive for me.

I'm sure that I can make them much cheaper than what I have paid in the past for them and much cheaper than someone would charge me to make them for me if I can find a detailed tutorial to follow to make them myself.

Is anyone aware of an online tutorial that is step by step detailed (text directions and photos) that they could direct me to so I can attempt this feat myself and try to save a bit of money along the way?

Also, what types of materials would be best to prevent skin problems in the making of these bed pads?

I have found the quilted pads (sewn in a quilted manner) hold up best through washing.

Also, what is CUL? It's a material of some sort.

Any help from anyone on this site would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen one tutorial but it was not detailed enough for my skills.

I am wanting to make 27-30" X 36" bed pads.

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