Shoe brand suggestions for elderly mother

My mother is 92 and is extremely difficult to fit for shoes.

Every pair of shoes we buy for her she eventually becomes unhappy with the shoes and blames them for not being able to walk.

We live in a rural area and have taken her in to our local shoe store for professional fittings and have tried on many shoes. I have also been looking online, but get confused by all the options.

No sooner do we purchase the shoes, she complains that they don't fit right and that she can't walk in them. I want to find a good, stable, and comfortable pair of shoes for her. It is getting costly to buy an expensive pair of shoes only to have her not want to wear them in a couple of weeks.

I have read many articles about what to look for to purchase, but I need a brand that does not allow her foot to roll over due to knee joint problems. She also has bunions.

Do you have any recommendations of a brand of shoe to try?

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