Transporting Food While Using Folding Cane

by Denise
(Wilmington, DE USA)

What do you think about the use of a four wheeled cart/dolly by my senior parents to transport a plate of food from the microwave to the dining table? They use a folding cane so it is difficult for them to carry a plate. Do you have a suggestions?

REPLY from
Thank you for the question, Denise. I do not see a problem with seniors using a 4 wheel cart/dolly for transporting food or other items if they do not need to lean on it for support. This would be much better than trying to carry their food with one hand while using their folding cane in the other.

Just make sure the cart/dolly is stable.

Depending on the size of their kitchen, use a cart/dolly that has a wide base and a low center of gravity.

Many of my clients use carts.

Other ideas include:

  • slide plates along counter tops/tables
  • use the top of 4 wheel walkers (or get a tray for your rollator walker)
  • use cups/mugs with lids to prevent spilling
  • use plates/bowls with a wide base and tall sides to prevent spilling
  • use microwave food covers or saran wrap to prevent spilling

I am assuming that your senior parents have fair balance/mobility as they are using a cane as opposed to a rollator walker.

The cart/dolly should not be a problem but monitor them as their balance/mobility may change and you will need to reassess their ability to use a cart.

There are lots of other fall prevention in the elderly tips on this website so please look around.

Thank you,

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This won't work for most food, but my cute grandma decided to start using my old backpack to cart things around the house so her hands were free. It works and she looks adorable!

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