Trouble Swallowing and Dehydration

by Mary Trantham
(Montgomery AL)

My mother, age 92, is having increasing difficulty swallowing.

Her doctor also insists on prescribing Aldactone (a diuretic) for her chronic congestive heart failure (CHF). Now she is dehydrated and has a urinary tract infection, which caused an alarming episode of hallucinations recently.

The only thing she likes to drink is coffee, but as the dehydration is drying out her throat and mouth, she can't even enjoy a cup.

Normally, she eats pretty well, but now the dry mouth is affecting her sense of taste and she does not want to eat.

Evidently, her throat is getting so dry that it actually hurts to swallow, but unless I do something to get some fluids in her, that is only going to get worse.

Any ideas out there???

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