Want to help my dad to not worry so much

by John

So my dad is not elderly, only 62, he worries a lot about things (this worry keeps him up at night, to the point where many nights a week he may only get 2 or 3 hours sleep) that there usually isnt anything that can be done about resolving what he is worrying about, and in my opinion, for the most part, take up more focus and drum up more stress than really needs to be placed on him.

Eg, its 1:32am, and he just came and asked me if I remembered to grab the pool cue case that I mistakenly (it was meant for one of our buddies that was sitting with us, but my dad was waiting for buddies cue, that he has ordered, to be delivered, and then my dad was gonna give both to buddy) used to bring my cue in to the pub earlier today, like there was a conversation between us about my misunderstanding.

I mean, of course I grabbed it, it was something that was of focus for a lengthy period of time. And maybe 45 minutes before that, he came and asked me if I brought the screw gun I own off the roof we were working in on today.

I fear all this worry, and how it keeps him up all the time might be a red flag for some possible mental issue...

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