When is it time to move dad from Assisted Living into Memory Care?

by c47090

Background. My dad was living alone in his home up until 8 months ago. He was an engineer, and always very proud of his keeping the house up.

I'd noticed it starting to fall apart (electrical not being kept up, no house cleaning done, etc).

I moved him into Assisted Living (he refused to be a burden and move in with me).

I've noticed a huge decline in him. Now he's saying stuff like people are stealing from him, he has to hide toilet paper because they steal it and hoard it for safety, he sees other people wearing his clothes, he has accidents yet refuses to allow others to help him clean up, etc.

He wants to hide all his stuff in the trunk of his car. We sold his car when we put him into assisted living.

Sometimes he's very with it, and sometimes he's not.

At what point does he need to be moved into Memory care?

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