Funding for home accessibility for taking care of eldelry parents?

by Carla
(Calgary, Alberta)

My parents are moving in with me, so I can take care of them and they can stay together.

But my home is not wheelchair accessible for my mother. They are on a limited income, and I am completely broke.

Is there any funding to make my home accessible for my parents, so they can move in with me??

REPLY from
Taking care of elderly parents in your home is a big responsibility.

Once the whole family (including your parents) agree to the idea, the next step is finding room - and room that is accessible for health conditions that usually are the reason for the move in the first place.

Making an existing home accessible for a wheelchair can be a big challenge - especially with limited financial resources.

Financial help for elderly caregivers and making home accessible is different for every country/province/state.

Most places have programs to help with providing home care for the elderly, purchasing equipment for seniors and funding for home modifications.

Many of the processes for funding for home modifications take a lot of time and not everything is covered.

However, they are certainly worth taking a look into.

Programs specific to home modifications for Alberta include:

  1. Residential Access Modification Program (RAMP): a program specifically for making homes more accessible to wheelchair users. For more information, RAMP.
  2. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC): sponsors many types of assistance including somehome adaptations, home care and more. If you think either of your parents might be eligible, you can contact Veterans Affairs Canada at 1-866-522-2122.

Other places to start asking questions when seeking funding for home modifications in Alberta, Canada, might be:

  1. Alberta HEALTHLink: 24/7 health advice and information provided over the telephone. The toll free number is 1-866-408-546.
  2. My Health Alberta website: provides heatlh information and contact information for health programs for Alberta, Canada. For more information, My Health Alberta Website.

Other programs that provide help for elderly in Alberta include:

  1. Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL): financial help for elderly for buying medical equipment and supplies. For more information, AADL.
  2. Alberta Health Services Home Care Program: includes help with personal care supports (such as help with dressing and bathing), end of life care, wound management, IV therapy and more. For more information, AADL or toll free at 1-866-408-5465.
  3. Tax Credits: a caregiver for elderly can apply for a tax credit for maintenance of the dwelling for dependants. The claim has a maximum amount of $4,223 for each dependant.
  4. Employment Insurance - there are Compassionate Care Benefits for people who have to take time off of work for a short period to care for a family member with health problems or a high risk of death.

Aside from financial assistance for home modifications or other issues, it might also be worth contacting Alberta HEALTHLink about other community programs that might provide some help for elderly.

Programs to consider are community rehabilitation programs (physiotherapy and occupational therapy who also might help with recommenations for home modifications), Elderly Day Care Programs and other services for the elderly. Regular respite care or an Elderly Day Care program will provide an (often) much-needed break.

If other visitors have had success with home modifications to provide help for elderly in Alberta, please share by adding a comment here.

Thank you,

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