Phones for elderly with pendant emergency button?

by Diane

I am looking for a phones for elderly that will automatically dial an emergency number if I push a button on a necklace if I fall in another room.

I don't want to pay for a monthly service.

I recently heard that this is such a phone. Can you please help me find it?

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You certainly can get these types of phones for elderly. These are listed under "Just the Device" on our page Phones for Elderly.

Where to Find Them
You might try looking for them on the internet by searching for something like "elderly phones with alert button" or "elderly phones with alert button no monthly fee".

You could also look for these phones at your local pharmacy or medical supply store.

More Information on the Phone
You buy the phone and set it up yourself. This includes programming emergency numbers and personal contacts yourself.

You do not have access to a call center anytime of the day or night. But you are able to press your emergency button and it will signal your phone to call the programmed numbers.

You should choose a version where the phone will cycle the call through all your pre-programmed list contacts until someone answers. You may choose to make 911 the last call on your contacts list (or the first or second, depending on
how you'd like your system to work).

Most of these types of phones will have an amplified speaker on the phone that will allow you and the contact on the other end to hear each other. A good feature is also a pre-recorded emergency message in case you are not close enough to the phone to be heard.

When you press the button, a wireless signal is sent to the phone and it should automatically dial for you.

The main advantage of these type of phone/alert systems is there is no monthly fee.

The main disadvantages are the elderly person or family has to set the system up and test it occasionally and there is no fall detection feature built in.

The fall detection feature can be very handy if the elderly individual loses consciousness (gets knocked out) when falling. They might either faint or hit their head during their fall.

If you lose consciousness during a fall or are confused, you would be unable to hit the button to signal a call for help.

Regardless of the type, having a version of an emergency alert system can be a life-saver!

It's a great way to easy your mind and improve safety.

To find out more about phones for elderly or elderly medical alert:
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